100-Year-Old Woman Still Working Full Time Job

Photo by Jaime Maldonado on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – In New Jersey, centenarian Miriam Todd, 100, continues to work at her family business for over 50 hours each day and has stated that her faith has always been what has kept her going. 

The Stratford resident told FOX Business that her “faith is the whole thing.” She added that she was here to serve God’s plan and everything she does is based on that. As she noted many people think she is lucky or has been blessed to have a lot of energy which is what allows her to go to work every day. 

Todd’s family business, Nehlig’s Furniture, had been opened in 1929 in Stratford. Todd noted that even as a child she would distribute circulars across the city and would get paid for her work in the business. 

After graduating from high school in 1941, her father told her to work elsewhere for about a year before she came back in 1942 and started to handle the company’s bookkeeping. She ended up getting married in 1944. 

For a short time, she and her husband had moved away before returning in ’46 and having their first child. She noted that it had been a blessing being able to remain at home and raise her children, adding that she had gone back to work in 1975. 

While Todd has always worked in accounting and bookkeeping she also really enjoys interacting with customers. She noted that their goal was always to put the customer first and that customer satisfaction was key. As she shared that had also been her dad’s philosophy. 

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