104-Year-Old Woman Dies Days After Breaking Skydiving Record

Photo by Maurice Smeets on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – On Monday, Dorothy Hoffner from Chicago who had recently became the oldest person to ever parachute from a plane, has died.

Hoffner’s spokesperson revealed that the 104-year-old woman passed away. They added that the October 1 skydiving experience had been an incredible end to the exciting life that the woman had lived.

Hoffner had told spectators in Ottawa who had seen her land on the ground after her Skydive that age was just a number. She had proceeded to make the tandem jump in northern Illinois while leaving her walker behind.

This is the second time that Hoffner had fallen off the sky as originally she had skydived when she was 100. At the time, she needed to be pushed out of the aircraft. However, in this second attempt, Hoffner had been adamant about being the one to lead the jump while tethered to a certified instructor.

The dive took a total of seven minutes until Hoffner with her parachute managed to reach the ground. After landing, the wind blew Hoffner’s hair back while she was holding on to the harness and picked up her legs in order to softly land on the grassy area. Many of her friends had been quick to congratulate her for the jump, while one had brought her walker over.

Hoffner, who was going to turn 105 in December, described the experience as “delightful” and argued that there was nothing that could have gone better. She added that her next goal was to take a hot-air balloon ride.

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