109 Year-Old-Man Has Incredible Life Tip

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Vincent Dransfield, who still lives in his own house in Little Falls, New Jersey, drives around in his car running his errands and getting groceries, and can complete all of his daily tasks independently. However, Dransfield is not like most people as he is 109 years old.

The man has been living in his New Jersey home since 1945, and to this day does not need any help to get from the home’s main floor, to his upstairs bedroom, or even to the basement, where he does his laundry.

In a recent interview with a reporter from TODAY.com, he was asked about how he feels. Dransfield took the opportunity to be flirtatious, telling the reporter “How do I feel? Let’s go out to dance somewhere. How about that? That’s how I feel.” He added that to this day, he feels “perfect” and that throughout his life he has had a lot of luck.

Erica Lista, the 109-year-old man’s granddaughter, has stated that her grandfather does not suffer from back aches, headaches, or anything else that people even younger than him usually get. She added that she is an occupational therapist, and so she is aware of what help is normally required, and that to this day, her grandfather does not require any help.

While it’s not as uncommon nowadays to have someone live to be 100 or older, most centenarians are women. In fact, according to the New England Centenarian Study based at Boston University, 85 percent of centenarians are women while only 15 percent are men.

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