11 Times Joe Biden Was Involved in Hunter Biden’s Dealings

11 Times Joe Biden Was Involved in Hunter Biden's Dealings

(FeaturedNews.com) – President Joe Biden maintains that he has zero knowledge of his son Hunter’s business dealings. Jenn Psaki has said as much from the White House Press Room podium, but how much of that statement is actually true? A column from Breitbart breaks down the connection between father and son, including possible abuse of office, nepotism, and accusations of fraud. Sometimes, as the family’s story shows, dealings can be more than financial transactions.

Vice President in Charge of Promoting His Son?

When Joe Biden was vice president, his son Hunter made obvious efforts to latch on and use not just his father’s name but the power of his office as well. In 2013, Hunter saw his first trip aboard Air Force Two to China, just days after introducing his father to his Chinese business partner. Shortly thereafter, the younger Biden’s company won a billion-dollar contract from the Chinese government.

In 2014, The then-VP’s son brought his Mexican billionaire buddy and some friends to his father’s office. Later that year, Biden was caught red-handed golfing with Hunter and one of his Burisma partners, Devon Archer. Archer is currently in prison for fraud.

In 2015, Biden’s ambitious son brought associates from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine out to dinner with his politically powerful dad. The next day, Hunter Biden received an email thanking him for introducing him to the country’s number two. That wasn’t the first time someone involved with Burisma approached Biden about his father’s influence.

As far as a trip aboard Air Force Two to Mexico in 2016 with a lawyer from a powerful litigation group, that may have been what ultimately netted Hunter Biden a million dollars to explore hedge fund investing. The venture failed, and the Bidens returned the money.

After the White House

The Biden pair were busy in 2017. First, the Chinese business partner from the two’s first trip together, Jonathan Li, received a nice letter of recommendation to a prestigious college for his son from a former US vice president. Later that year, the junior Biden had a key made for his office mate dad.

Finally, to top off a banner year, Joe Biden met with his son’s business partner, Joe Bobulinski, twice. Bobulinski said very plainly that he was involved directly with the Bidens, including the family patriarch.

In 2019, texts between Biden family members revealed that Joe Biden allegedly required his boy — at least at one point — to pony up half of his salary. For what?

The Truth Seeps Out

As Hunter Biden’s business dealings, tax shelters, and involvement with his own family come to light through numerous current investigations. The past connections, however innocuous they may seem, could make a huge difference for prosecutors trying to build a case.

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