12-Year-Old Dies in Very Mysterious Way

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(FeaturedNews.com) – In California, a boy of 12 years collapsed during the physical education activities at Canyon Lake Middle School in Lake Elsinore.

On Tuesday, Yanhshua Robinson had been participating in PE class when he collapsed. His family has blamed the excessive heat as the temperature levels in Lake Elsinore had reached triple digits while humidity ranged from 15 to 25 percent. A Patch report further noted that from Monday to Tuesday night there was an excessive heat warning in the area.

Lake Elsinore is not the area in the country to have suffered from intense heat waves recently. Earlier this week, other parts of southern California were also affected by the heat wave, with Lancaster, Santa Claris, and Van Nuys all reaching triple digits.

On Tuesday, Lake Elsinore had temperatures that had reached 102.4 degrees Fahrenheit (39.1 Celsius). It is not yet clear at what hour of the day the PE class had taken place or whether the boy had been outdoors or inside the school when he collapsed.

AccuWeather senior meteorologist David Houk noted that the excessive heat could put stress on the body as it becomes harder for the body to cool down.

Following his collapse, Robinson became unresponsive and the medical professionals who responded to the scene were unable to bring him back. His family has revealed that after he was taken to the hospital he died from cardiac arrest. The parents have blamed their son’s sudden death on the heat wave. In a statement, they noted how shocked they were by their son’s death.

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