12-Year-Old Goes Above and Beyond for Foster Kids

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Amelia Lisowe a native of Benton, Arkansas, launched her own non-profit, Lisowe’s Lights, in 2018 after being told she was too young to participate in a volunteering program.

She decided to start her own charity and began donating 500 nightlights to children who were in foster care. The first 500 lights were delivered within the first year of the organization’s operations.

Since then Lisowe’s nonprofit has expanded to include all 50 states and has even gone international with a presence in nine countries. Over the years they have raised enough funds for 15,000 nightlights to be donated and are going strong.

As Lisowe has noted, oftentimes kids in foster care are often made to move in the middle of the night without any of their belongings. She hopes that the nightlights can help them feel a little bit less scared and more secure.

By 2023, the 12-year-old is hoping to donate around 2,500 more nightlights. Amelia has always been encouraged by her mother to find something she was passionate about and help by giving back to the world in order to make it a better place.

Her mother Amelia has said that she is incredibly proud of her daughter, who is always actively involved in the family’s volunteering decisions and causes.

Apart from her own non-profit, Amelia also volunteers at a local food bank and nursing home. However, she says that when she hears back from those who have benefited from her nightlights is when she feels the impact of her work the most.

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