18 Minors Charged for Threatening Schools

(FeaturedNews.com) – Violence in schools is becoming more and more common, and it’s not only the successful violence that are cause for concern. For every act of violence in schools, several others make threats to schools that simply can’t be ignored. While some are meant as jokes by students that do not think through the potential consequences, others are legitimate warning signs of credible threats that absolutely need to be taken seriously.

Schools Near Michigan’s Oxford High School Targeted

The recent Oxford High School shooting continues to make headlines as new evidence reveals error after error that may place part of the responsibility for the deaths of four students on people other than shooter Ethan Crumbley. Unfortunately, the incident was far from the only potential problem in the area in early December. Eighteen students between the ages of 12 and 17 made threats to schools in Detroit and four other Wayne County cities between December 2 and 6, many of which involving similar warning signs to those that were not dealt with quickly enough in the days and hours leading up to the Oxford High School shooting.

Countless more teens and children as young as nine years old have been taken into custody in other parts of Michigan for similar threats.

Eighteen Students Charged Following Threats

Although the students likely will not be charged as adults, they face a range of pending charges based on the specific threats that were made and their level of credibility. Some of these charges include threatening to commit an act of violence against a school employee or students, possession of a weapon in a school weapon free zone, making a false report or threat of terrorism, and malicious use of a telecommunications device.

Many of the schools that received these threats canceled classes in the days following the Oxford High School shooting out of an abundance of caution. Further information on charges is pending.

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