21 Americans Hurt in Hotel Explosion

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(FeaturedNews.com) – On Monday, an explosion at a historic hotel in Fort Worth, Texas resulted in 21 people being injured, one of whom is currently in critical condition. Local authorities have noted that the explosion blew out the windows, parts of the wall, and doors and littered the road with debris.

Authorities have reported that rescue crews were able to find many people who had been trapped in the basement of the 20-story hotel. Fifteen people were hospitalized after being found, six of whom were described by MedStar as being in “semi-critical” condition.

Authorities have not yet disclosed whether there are any people missing, but fire officials considered searching the building. At the time of the explosion, more than two dozen rooms in the hotel were occupied. It was originally believed that a gas leak had been the cause of the explosion, but the gas company, Atmos Energy, said it was not the cause.

Charlie Collins, 31, had told The Associated Press that following the explosion there was debris everywhere and that he had been working nearby when he heard the explosion. As he said, everything in the first couple of floors of the hotel had been “blown out” and was scattered on the street.

Authorities have urged people to not visit the area, as new helicopters have captured the scene with firefighters picking through the rubble. Fort Worth Fire Department spokesman Craig Tojacek stated that the building’s restaurant was under construction but that it was not yet definitive that it had caused the explosion.

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