218 Pound Baby Born at Walt Disney World

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – On Dec. 16, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, in Orlando, Florida announced the birth of the first “second generation” African elephant calf, who weighed 218 pounds at the time of birth.

Director of Animal & Science Operations at the Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Scott Terrell, DVM, DACVP, stated that the new baby calf was named Corra and was the first elephant birth they had in seven years. Nadirah, Corra’s mother, had been born in 2005 at the park, which made the arrival of the newest member of the Park “extra special.”

As Terrell pointed out, elephants are animals with deep family bonds, and Nadirah, who became a mother for the first time, had her sister Luna assisting her throughout the process. He added that in time the calf is also going to meet other members of her family, including her aunt Stella and grandmother Donna.

Terrell pointed out that female African elephants will often collectively raise their calves until the age of around eight. He added that the family bonds usually strengthen as the calf ages.

Nadirah’s gestation period was normal, as she was pregnant for around 22 months before Corra was born. Corra had been conceived early in 2022 through natural breeding according to Terrell. For the entirety of her pregnancy, Nadirah had been cared for by a team of specialists.

Following the arrival of Corra, both the mother and baby will be required to go through post-natal exams while being left to bond for several days before they join the elephant herd.

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