2nd Grade Student Penalized for Talking About Jesus

2nd Grade Student Penalized for Talking About Jesus

(FeaturedNews.com) – A child who is passionate about her religious beliefs stirred up some controversy at North Hill Elementary School in Des Moines, Washington. The second-grade student received repeat punishment for talking about Jesus to other students. Her parents contacted the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), and the school responded with a compromise.

Christina Compagnone, an attorney from ACLJ, said it was shocking when the parents contacted the organization. She explained that since the beginning of 2022, teachers have sent the student to the principal’s office at least 10 times for sharing the gospel with other kids. She also said the parents claimed school officials would stop the child every morning to check her backpack and remove any religious pamphlets or materials.

School officials told the parents that the constant reprimanding was due to complaints from other parents who did not appreciate the girl discussing religion with their children. The ACLJ called the school’s actions a violation of the child’s First Amendment rights.

The principal met with the child and her parents, agreeing that the girl could speak to her classmates about Jesus as long as the other students consented. She also asked the girl to adhere to school policy about handing out religious materials to other children.

The chief communications officer for the school district said the reaction was to help protect the second-grader and other students, reports the Christian Post. She explained the child had been distraught over her concerns for the souls of her classmates, and she became aggressive in her tactics, chasing other students while yelling about God, standing on tables and sermonizing, and telling others they would go to Hell if they didn’t listen to her.

Did the school handle this situation appropriately, or should officials have left the child alone?

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