500,000 People Line Up To Watch What?

Photo by Olivier Guillard on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – Martijn Doolaard’s YouTube channel is not exactly what most people would expect. Doolaard, 38, started his channel to showcase how he is remodeling a set of primitive shepherd’s cabins in the western Italian Alps which he had bought for a small price.

His goal in buying these properties was simple – he wanted to fix them up and start living a simpler life. He first posted a video in October 2021, opening up with a drone shot over the beautiful mountaintop with minimal orchestral music in the background. Viewers would not have known it at the time, but these were the shots that would later make Doolaard famous. The next scene was him driving up to the property. He starts the video by introducing himself and welcoming everyone to the channel. Since that first episode, he has posted more than 50 other videos, showcasing his progress.

His subscriber count has increased to more than half a million as people tune in to watch him tackle some of those tasks on his to-do list that will help him fix up the property completely. His tasks include painting the building and fixing the heating, plumbing, and electricity. While these “chores” may sound boring in everyday life, many viewers love the one-man home-improvement show, finding his slow pace of life quite therapeutic. As one commenter pointed out, these videos have become a part of his weekly routine; a great way of self-reflecting and asking himself whether he would be able to change his life in the way Doolaard has.

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