68% of People Less Likely to Do Business With Disney Now

68% of People Less Likely to Do Business With Disney Now

(FeaturedNews.com) – The Trafalgar Group ran a poll asking Americans how they feel about doing business with Disney. The company finds itself surrounded by controversy over its internal policies and vocal opposition to laws designed to keep children safe. The poll, served to members of both parties as well as independents, found more than 68% of respondents will no longer do business with Disney.

Trafalgar reports a definite gap in thinking between the Left and the Right. While a whopping 85% of Republicans said they’re done with Disney, only about half of Democrats feel the same. Add to that the 63% of Independents, and it spells disaster for the Disney Corporation. To lose nearly half of the base you seemingly cater to, can’t have gone over well in the boardroom.

The policies that got the iconic entertainment company into this mess began when an executive announced at least half of all new Disney themes would include the LGBTQIA+ community by the year 2050. The company also came out against Florida’s Parental Rights Education bill, vowing to lobby to have it overturned.

If the poll results are any indication of the public at large, the new woke Disney policies don’t seem to be doing them any favors.

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