7-Eleven Workers Give Crook a Public Beatdown

Photo by Duy Nguyen on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – A new video has been going viral online as it shows two 7-Eleven workers who had managed to catch and then proceeded to beat a man that was stealing from the store with a stick.

The clips from the incident were first posted on Instagram by user @yo_folkers. In the video, a man can be seen with his face completely covered by a blue shirt. In the first video, the suspect can be seen taking several tobacco products from the shelves and then proceeds to throw them into a trash can. The workers then request that he stops but they are ignored.

The suspect continued to throw several more products in the trash can and even threatened to shoot the workers. The person running the Instagram account revealed to Newsweek that the incident had occurred in downtown Stockton, California.

One of the workers proceeded to tackle the suspect when it passed close to him, while a second worker started to beat him with a stick.

The man who has filming encouraged the two workers to “Whoop his a**!”

After many more hits, he asks the suspect if he is going to leave and stop what he was doing. The man agrees that he won’t continue if they let him go. The employee holding the stick proceeds to hit him two more times, as the suspect is screaming.

The man filming then tells the worker to stop and allow the suspect to leave.  In a different video, the workers can also be seen deliberating whether the suspect should be allowed to leave or if they should call the police.

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