7th Grader’s Act of Heroism Saves Dozens of Lives

Photo by Austin Pacheco on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – A 7th-grade student in Michigan has been hailed a “hero” after being able to successfully bring his school bus to a stop following the driver suffering a medical episode while driving.

A video from the incident shows Dillon Reeves, 13, taking action as soon as he notices that something was wrong. The incident, which occurred on Wednesday afternoon, took place while he and other Carter Middle School students in Warren, Michigan, were on the bus ride home.

Warren Consolidated Schools Superintendent Robert Livernois praised Dillon for helping in the situation and “taking care of business on the bus.” He added that Dillon made “all the difference in this crisis and represents the very best of our students in Warren Consolidated Schools.”

In the footage that has been released from the incident, the female driver can be seen using her hat to fan herself and cool herself off. She then proceeded to pick up a microphone and tell the dispatcher that she was feeling “really dizzy” and might need to pull over, in which case someone would need to come and help with the kids.

Not even 15 seconds later, the driver starts experiencing a medical episode and the bus starts to slowly drift. This is when Dillon Reeves rushed to the front, grabbed the steering wheel and pressed the brakes. He then calls on the other students to call 911. Once the bus came to a stop, a stranger who was walking by, came on the bus and helped with the driver, and another woman helped the students leave the vehicle through the back exit.

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