8 Things You Can Do With Duct Tape in an Emergency

8 Things You Can Do With Duct Tape in an Emergency

(FeaturedNews.com) When you’re choosing items for your emergency kit or survival stockpile, it’s always good to get the most value by including things that have multiple uses. If a tool or resource can do two things it’s more useful to you than one that only has a single function.

This means that the king of survival tools is the humble roll of duct tape — because that stuff has more uses than you’ll ever believe. Here are a few:

  1. Patch your clothes. In bad weather, a rip in your outer layers can be a matter of life or death. Duct tape will quickly close tears, keeping the wind and rain out. It works on tents and sleeping bags, too.
  2. Mark trails. Worried about getting lost in the woods? A band of duct tape around a tree is a good visible marker. Fix a new one every time you’re about to lose sight of the last one you did. For best results, use a color that contrasts with the bark of the trees.
  3. Start fires. If you have some tinder (try pocket lint) a small patch of duct tape will hold it in place to catch a spark, then help fuel the growing flame.
  4. Fletch arrows. If you can’t complete your arrows because you don’t have any feathers, try doubled-over duct tape instead. It makes for tough, weatherproof fletching that can stick itself to the shaft.
  5. Build a shelter. Don’t have a tarp? No problem; make one from trash bags and bits of plastic fastened together with duct tape. Then use longer strips to hang it between a couple of trees.
  6. Close wounds. You packed ten Band-Aids in your emergency kit, and just cut yourself for the 11th time? A small piece of duct tape and a square of gauze or paper towel will stop the bleeding.
  7. Make a survival cup. If you find yourself in need of something to collect water with, some sticky origami will turn strips of duct tape into a lightweight, waterproof cup.
  8. Carry loads. Need to carry heavy or awkward things? Use duct tape to lash them together or tie them to a pole.

That’s just eight uses for duct tape. It has hundreds. As a raw material, or for sticking things together, it’s worth its weight in gold during a crisis. Add a few rolls to your emergency supplies, and make sure you have some in your EDC (Every Day Carry) kit too. You don’t even need a big, bulky roll; you can rewrap it for compactness or wind it around your survival kit. Even a few feet of this miracle material can be a lifesaver, so make sure you have some!

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