83-Year-Old Wins World Championship

Photo by Alessio Soggetti on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – Roger Robinson, last weekend, got to do something he thought he would never get to do again. In Bathurst, Australia, he once again competed in the World cross championship that was designed by the World Athletics for their new Master Championship. The man who had previously competed in the main men’s open race, for England in 1966 and New Zealand in 1977, got to once again run cross country at the age of 83.

As Robinson recalled, during this race, he remembers racing to what he believed were his limits only to see a lean Aussie with an M80 right behind him. James Harrison, the Australian in question, really brought the heat in the race, and as Robinson recalled he had made him work for it.

As he noted, he finally managed to break away from him three-quarters through the four-kilometer distance, on the second two-kilometer lap, as his opponent fell behind while climbing up a hill.

As Robinson said, he had taken months to train for this race, and he had repeatedly run up hills in order to be able to complete the race. As he said, in this particular race, every decision about which step you took counted especially when you were going uphill and needed to keep the momentum going when rushing downhill and needing to recover. These are all things that while he might have been intrinsically familiar with when he was younger, did not come naturally to him at the age of 80.

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