A Look at the Likely Contenders for Biden’s Supreme Court Pick

A Look at the Likely Contenders for Biden's Supreme Court Pick

(FeaturedNews.com) – Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement will ultimately leave a seat open on the bench. President Joe Biden will need to nominate someone to fill the position shortly afterward, and past statements suggest he’s highly likely to choose a black woman to fill the role. While this significantly narrows down his choices, a few frontrunners are currently in the lead.

The administration has not put forth any hints about who the president may nominate. Instead, Bloomberg published an exclusive report detailing information coming from progressive supporters who might influence his decision.

Ketanji Brown Jackson is one potential candidate. She served as a U.S. Court of Appeals judge and as Breyer’s clerk for several years. Jackson is also popular in Washington legal circles. But, at 51, she wouldn’t reach the typical retirement age for Supreme Court justices for over 30 years.

Leondra Kruger is another top contender. At just 45, she is one of the youngest people on Biden’s list of potential nominees. Kruger currently serves as a justice on California’s Supreme Court. Her history on the bench might be alluring to Republicans; however, some Democrats may consider it a negative. Kruger also formerly served as Justice Paul Stevens’ clerk.

Other potential options include 55-year-old J. Michelle Childs, who currently serves on the bench at the D.C. Circuit Court; 59-year-old NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund President Sherrilyn Ifill; and 47-year-old Leslie Abrams Gardner, a U.S. District Judge currently serving Georgia’s middle district.

While the political rumor mill suggests VP Kamala Harris as a potential nominee, it isn’t yet clear whether Biden will go in this direction. Instead, he may prefer to choose someone like Jackson or Kruger; both have a solid legal history and proven track record, which may ease confirmation.

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