Aborted Fetuses Stored In Paper Bags, Report Finds

Aborted Dead Babies Stored In Paper Bags, Report Finds

(FeaturedNews.com) – The University of Washington is facing serious scrutiny over its stockpile and storage practice for handling human fetal remains. Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, a pro-life activist group, allegedly located a freezer in the university’s birth defects research lab lined with cardboard boxes and paper bags full of labeled body parts and organs.

According to The Washington Examiner, activists made the gruesome discovery after following a paper trail of invoices from around the country documenting the buying and selling of dead babies. The information led them to the freezer, where they took pictures and posted them on Twitter, along with the claim that UW maintains the largest collection of fetuses in the world.

Vice President at the Charlotte Lozier Institute, David Prentice, is an expert in stem cell research. He told the Examiner that the method in which the remains were stored constituted both scientific and ethical concerns. Prentice says that storage in ultra-cold freezers and in sterile containers is the only way to keep cells viable. He also notes that informed consent rules can’t apply if the subject is deceased, making the practice even more immoral.

That isn’t the first time the school’s lab has come under fire. In 2016, a congressional report found that members of the staff at the research facility also worked for abortion providers, a clear conflict of interest. The report also highlighted missing documentation vital to the proper transport and storage of human remains.

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