Actor Recalls Horrific Scene After Car Drives Into Crowd

Actor Recalls Horrific Scene After Car Drives Into Crowd

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( – Actor John Barrowman, known for his recurring roles in “Torchwood” and “Dr. Who,” posted a video of the horrific scene in Berlin last week when a car smashed through a busy downtown street, killing at least 1 person and injuring about 30 others. Law enforcement officials took the driver into custody shortly after arriving at the horrific scene.

Barrowman seemed distraught as he described the gruesome incident, noting an area of one street where a “dead body” was left lying while responders tended to the wounded. According to the actor, people were limping and injured all around him. As he recorded the event, police moved the crime scene lines farther and farther.

Barrowman later uploaded the video to Twitter, where it’s been covered with a “sensitive content” tag. Users have the option to click through the warning and watch the clip for themselves. He followed up with another post, noting that he had spoken with his parents to let them know he was okay and eager to get off Berlin’s streets.

In the end, Barrowman shared a short clip of a yellow helicopter landing next to where he believes he saw the one confirmed fatality. Police are still investigating the incident and say they have no apparent motive for the disastrous incident.

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