Actress’ Cause of Death Officially Revealed

Actress' Cause of Death Officially Revealed

Famous Actress’ CORONER REPORT Released

( – With the announcement of her cause of death, the tragic story of actress Anne Heche’s untimely end can come to a close. After crashing her car into a Los Angeles home and spending a week on life support, doctors pronounced her brain dead on August 12. Medical examiners now say it was the smoke the actor inhaled and the burns she sustained during the accident that ultimately killed her.

The 53-year-old talent suffered a severe anoxic brain injury, which results from a lack of oxygen for an extended period of time. That, coupled with extreme thermal injuries, burned lungs, and a crushed sternum from the impact, left the actress with little hope of survival. She remained in a coma until authorities declared her legally dead, which, in California, is upon brain death. Doctors kept her body alive long enough to harvest her organs in accordance with her wishes.

Anne Heche had an extensive career on the big and small screen that started with a role in the popular soap opera, Another World. She also had a well-known romantic relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, which ended in controversy and a period of unstable behavior from the actress. In more recent times, the mother of two completed a new Lifetime movie about abuse and trafficking called “Girl in Room 13.” She often spoke of suffering abuse at the hands of her own father, a topic that ultimately estranged her from her parents and siblings.

She leaves behind two sons, Atlas Tupper, 13, and Homer Laffoon, 20.

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