Adding Salt to Your Meals Lowers Life Expectancy by Two Years, Study Shows

Adding Salt to Your Meals Lowers Life Expectancy by Two Years, Study Shows

Eating This May Lower Life Expectancy By TWO Whole Years!

( – On July 10, the European Heart Journal published the results of a medical study regarding the long-term effects of adding salt to food. Researchers determined that increased frequency of the addition of salt was associated with an increased risk of “all-cause premature mortality.” The report noted the life expectancy for men decreased by 2.3 years and 1.5 years for women. The study spanned four years and included more than half a million participants from the United Kingdom Biobank.

Those running the study sent questionnaires to individuals about their salt usage. They also obtained urine samples to monitor sodium. Researchers distinguished the study from earlier ones by observing the impact of increased salt intake over years instead of concentrating on daily effects. However, the research had some limitations since the participants were volunteers and didn’t necessarily reflect the overall British population.

Eighteen thousand individuals died before reaching the age of 75 during the study. Researchers examined their death certificates and matched them to data on file for them. They found that people who said they always added the seasoning had a 28% increased likelihood of dying prematurely.

The lead researcher, Dr. Lu Qi from the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, said the findings could prove helpful as a tool to encourage people to make better decisions regarding their use of salt.

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