Airline Passenger Gets Stuck in Plane Bathroom

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( – A new report by The India Express notes that a traveler has been “traumatized” and “injured” following an incident in a SpiceJet airplane bathroom.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, in the aircraft of the low-cost Indian airline during a one-hour and 45-minute flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru. As noted in the report, the traveler had ended up stuck in the bathroom due to a door malfunction for the majority of the flight.

According to sources at Kempegowda International Airport, which was the flight’s destination, the passenger had visited the bathroom not long after takeoff. However, they ended up being stuck inside the aircraft, with other travelers and crew attempting unsuccessfully to open the flight door from the outside.

Throughout the journey, the crew had provided the passenger with guidance, however, the door was only opened after an engineer at the airport had been called on board to open the door. The passenger had also required immediate medical support as a result of the incident.

In a statement, the airline apologized for the incident and noted that the passenger had been fully refunded for their flight.

The 37-year-old passenger later revealed to The Times of India that following the incident they were injured and traumatized as they had been thrown around inside the lavatory during the plane’s landing.

The newspaper reported that the passenger is now considering taking legal action against the company.

During the flight, the crew managed to communicate with the passengers by slipping them a note.

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