American Airlines Passenger Loses Job for Racist Rant

Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

Passenger FIRED – This Damning Video Is What Got Him

A man who recently went on a racist and homophobic rant during an American Airlines flight was fired by his employer, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

The former GSK employee started swearing at another passenger using many racist and homophobic terms, only to then begin bragging about his profession – chemical engineering. The video of the incident was posted on the r/americanairlines subreddit by a fellow passenger who was on the same Philadelphia to Dallas flight. The video clearly shows the man as he is going around the plane shouting and looking for his bags.

The man in the video also said that he was “a little intoxicated”, and had become aggravated after he was asked to leave the plane because of how he treated the woman seated next to him. In the video, the ranter can also be seen calling all the passengers “fu**ers,” and then proceeding to ask if he was being kicked off the plane because he was a “white male that picked a black bag.”

GSK posted on Twitter that following the incident on the flight to Dallas, the man in question was no longer employed at their company as he did not represent their views, beliefs, or company culture. They also made similar comments during an interview with TMZ, where their spokesperson said that GSK did not endorse any sort of discriminatory behavior.


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