Airlines Worker Trades Blows With Customer

Photo by Artturi Jalli on Unsplash

Airlines Worker Trades Blows With Customer

A new video shows an unidentified Spirit Airlines representative in the Dallas-Fort International Airport (DFW) screaming at a female passenger. In the 90-second clip, he can be seen screaming in the woman’s face that she is not to touch him and she has lost her mind.

The woman fires back by screaming for him to get out of his face, as she tries touching him. She also proceeds to curse and use slurs against him.

In this video, which has now been viewed over 6 times, there is another man who tries to come between the two, before the woman calls him a racial slur. She also proceeds to slap the man.

This causes the agent to tackle the woman to the ground and wrestle with her. Once the woman is back up, he throws a punch over her head.

While the agent tries to rile others in his favor during the clip, in the end, a man stepped in and stopped him. However, the agent protests and tells the man that he is willing to fight whoever.

Spirit Airlines has confirmed the altercation on Twitter. They have also said local law enforcement would look into this case.

The agent was put on suspension and an internal investigation is underway.


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