Airplane Catches Fire, Leads to Hospitalizations

Airplane Catches Fire, Leads to Hospitalizations

Airplane EMERGENCY – Passengers Hospitalized!

( – A passenger jet’s landing gear recently collapsed as it touched down at Miami International Airport, sparking a fire on the tarmac. Emergency crews from Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue evacuated the plane and extinguished the fire. Three people ended up at area hospitals.

The plane, Red Air Flight 2013 from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was carrying 126 passengers. Miami-Dade Airport Communications Director Greg Chin told the Associated Press that besides the three people sent to local hospitals with undisclosed injuries, they safely bussed the remaining passengers to the terminal.

Miami Local News 10 reported passengers aboard the plane described a nightmarish scenario. The landing gear collapsed almost immediately upon landing, causing the plane to slam to the ground and spin out of control before coming to a stop. Firefighters doused the fuselage with white chemicals as terrified passengers struggled to deplane.

Passengers made their way out of emergency exit windows through smoke and flames. The chaotic scene turned to relief as people made their way to the terminal’s safety and reunited with loved ones.

While it’s fortunate that no one died in the incident, the airline — and possibly the pilot — will likely have some explaining to do in the future. The National Transportation Safety Board launched an immediate investigation into the cause of the mishap that could have ended in complete catastrophe.

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