Alabama Corrections Officer Dies After Helping Prisoner Escape From Jail

Alabama Corrections Officer Dies After Helping Prisoner Escape From Jail

Traitorous Corrections Officer Succumbs To Injuries As Manhunt Ends

( – The story of Vicky White, a 56-year-old corrections officer from Alabama, came to a tragic end on Monday as police in Indiana put a stop to her escape. White was on the run with fugitive Casey White (no relation), whom she helped escape from prison, when authorities caught up to them in a high-speed pursuit and pushed their car off the road. The disgraced corrections officer was presumably overcome with the gravity of the situation and fatally shot herself.

No Warning Signs

Vicky White was an exemplary employee. Nobody expected anything malicious from her. According to USA Today, her employer, Sheriff Rick Singleton of Lauderdale County, Alabama, said he doubts they’ll ever know exactly why a woman on the verge of retirement would do what she did.

It wasn’t until the couple went into the wind that police began investigating the relationship between the corrections officer and Casey White. What they found was a two-year special relationship culminating in the prisoner’s escape. The 38-year-old violent offender, already serving 75 years, also awaits yet another murder charge. How a law-abiding person such as Vicky White fell for him will likely be another unsolved mystery.

Lots of Planning

Vicky White put in for retirement beginning April 29 and sold her home for $90,000 prior to busting Mr. White out of jail. She had a complex plan in place to get her beau out of prison, then into street clothes and on the run.

Pulling him from jail under false pretenses, Ms. White told coworkers the prisoner had a court appointment but never returned. She abandoned her patrol car and at least one other vehicle early in the manhunt, making it very difficult for authorities to track them.

The pair managed to elude authorities for more than a week when their planning went from seemingly fool-proof, to borderline fool-hardy. A slip-up with a car swap and a strange decision to stick around Evansville, Indiana, may be what ultimately caused the couple’s escape to fail.

Caught on Camera

The fugitives seemed to be doing well until their vehicle swap. They dropped off a pickup truck at a local car wash and drove away in a Cadillac. When authorities looked into the mysteriously abandoned truck, they saw someone resembling the 6-foot-9, 330-pound Casey White, and the manhunt began again.

It wasn’t until days later that police spotted the Cadillac in question at a hotel, still in Evansville.

A Tragic End

After finding the car, police immediately began to pursue the couple. After a short chase, police used a ramming maneuver to spin and flip the car, bringing the pursuit to a halt. That’s when Vicky White allegedly shot herself.

Police recovered $29,000 in cash, at least 4 handguns, and an AR15 rifle. When they questioned Casey White, he told them he planned on a shootout with police, but the chase was over too quickly. Sheriff Singleton told reporters that law enforcement had taken a dangerous man off the street, adding that White would never again see the light of day outside a prison wall.

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