Amazon Package to a Woman Contained a Vial of Blood, Pictures Suggest

Amazon Package to a Woman Contained a Vile of Blood, Pictures Suggest

Amazon Package Contained DISTURBING SURPRISE – What’s Going On?!

( – When a New York woman ordered a fashionable new chair from Amazon, she never expected to find what came with it. The woman, Jen Begakis, claims she found a full blood collection vile in the box alongside her purchase. She posted her horror on Twitter, along with some disturbing commentary.

Begakis has no idea how or why the vial ended up with her chair. All she knows is it made her extremely uncomfortable. She noted in reply to her own tweet that she is both “terrified and confused.”

There doesn’t seem to be any identifying labels on the tube that might lead to who the blood — if that’s what it is — belongs to. Begakis also tweeted that she contacted Amazon, but hasn’t heard back from them. There’s no mention of whether or not authorities were involved or if the vial was treated as a biohazard.

Some followers of the story had questions about whether or not the vial was full of blood, with one noting that phlebotomy has strict labeling rules.

Some speculate the vial may be a Halloween prop or practice tube that made it into the box by accident. Either way, Begakis was upset enough that she said she would “take nine showers.” What would you do in her shoes?

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