Ambush Leaves At Least 20 Troops Dead

( – Saturday saw the latest in an ongoing series of clashes between Sudan and Ethiopia, resulting in several casualties on both sides. Although exact numbers are not yet known, Ethiopia’s apparent instigation and Sudan’s retaliation left both countries to deal with the aftermath of major loss.

Ethiopia’s Most Recent Attack on Sudanese Troops

On Saturday, November 27, Sudanese troops were ambushed after crossing the Atbara River, which connects the two countries. Ethiopia currently claims it is not responsible for the attack. The ambush left at least 20 Sudanese and an unknown number of Ethiopian soldiers dead, as the Sudanese soldiers that were able to reach the shore immediately retaliated. Alrasheed Ali, a Sudanese border commission member, reported tensions to Bloomberg before the conflict ended, although he did not disclose specific death toll umbers at that time.

Ongoing Conflict between Sudan and Ethiopia

Sudan and Ethiopia have been at war for about a year, primarily over a piece of land that borders both countries. The cotton and sorghum resources that are found in this area, known as al-Fashqa, could play a major role in improving the economies of both countries. Conflicts in the region began in December 2020 after Sudan broke a 2008 compromise in which Sudan was given majority of control over al-Fashqa as long as they did not disturb Ethiopian farmers in the region.

Ethiopia’s intent to build a hydroelectric dam over the Nile is another major source of conflict between the two countries. Like many African countries, both are also currently managing conflicts within their own governments, which may leave them politically unstable and more vulnerable to increasing attacks from one another.

This is a developing situation.

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