America Re-Invents Chicken Wings

Photo by Anthony Shane on Unsplash

( – American bar-food aficionados have been enjoying trash wings, a popular chicken wing style that is often served in St. Louis Missouri. A similar style of fried chicken is also often served in Connecticut where it is better known as dirt wings.

The wings in question are fried, then dipped in hot sauce and fried again. As a result of this process, the chicken wing skin ends up so crispy that it often snaps when people bite into it. However, the process does not dry out the meat which remains juicy and tender inside.

The wings have become part of the culinary traditions in both of these areas of the United States over the last thirty years.

Zach Jalbert, who frequently dines at Fenton Bar and Grill in Fenton, Missouri has stated that he usually likes to dip the wings into the sauce that the store has available. He proceeded to pick up a wing, look at it, and state that it was “beautiful.”

It is widely expected that this style of wings is going to become significantly more popular in 2024, disrupting the previous tradition that had Buffalo wings be the most popular wing type. Buffalo wings were first fried in 1964 in Buffalo, New York where they take their name from.

America’s “Wing King” Drew Cerza who is the founder of the National Buffalo Wing Festival argued that he always found it exciting when people would step out of the box arguing that this was the only way to “cool new things” were created.

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