America To Enforce Stricter Gun Laws?

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America To Enforce Stricter Gun Laws?

Based on a poll conducted by AP and the AP-NORC Centre for Public Affairs, most see gun violence as a huge problem and want additional measures to be placed to eliminate it.

This data comes after an increase in the number of mass shootings. The latest incident in Highland Park, Illinois, resulted in the death of six while leaving 30 people injured. In Uvalde Texas, in May another shooting resulted in the killing of 19 elementary school children and two adults. This was the 27th school shooting in 2022.

David Starrett, the NORC senior research scientist, said in an interview that with this poll they were looking to understand how people viewed and experienced guns and gun violence. He noted that the poll was designed to showcase people’s experience with guns as well as their attitudes, regardless of what their beliefs were.

AP has continuously reported on all the high-profile shootings, from the three shootings in May, six shootings in June, and the Highland Park shooting on July 4. The New York Times also has a list of all of the major shootings to occur in the last year.

The poll, conducted from July 28 to Aug. 1, sampled 1,373 adults. Regarding their political affiliations, the participants were 44% Democrat, 39% Republican, and 17% independent/no affiliation.

While from those responding, 48% identified as moderates.

The AP-NORC poll included many questions on gun violence as well as proposed ways in which to combat gun violence.

Over the last four years, 84% of people have said that background checks should be mandated for all gun purchases.

In the years 1966 to 2019, 77% of mass shootings were the result of legally purchased guns according to the data from the National Institute of Justice.

Even those who are confirmed to have had some mental illnesses were able to purchase funds lawfully as they did not set off any of the red flag laws. Since 2019 one-third of shootings have been the result of mentally ill people with gun access.

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