American Enemy Dead After Massive Raid

American Enemy Dead After Massive Raid

( – On the night of February 2, US forces conducted a counterterrorism raid in Syria under the direction of President Joe Biden. Their goal was to protect American citizens and allies. Biden released a statement a short time later taking credit for the death of ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi.

American forces suffered no casualties in the incident.

The US military targeted Qurayshi over ongoing ISIS attacks throughout Syria and Iraq.

During the raid, explosions erupted from the ISIS leader’s home in Atmeh, Syria. The military later revealed that Qurayshi detonated a bomb shortly after the military exercise began, killing himself and his family before forces could get to them. Rescue workers said 13 people died in the blast, including six children and four women.

The military had engaged strategies to prevent such losses. When troops landed, they used speakers to tell women and children to evacuate. Whether anyone tried to depart before Qurayshi triggered the bomb isn’t clear.

The loss of innocent lives is never the government’s intention; in fact, it often takes steps to prevent that from happening before, during, and after engaging in an exercise. But unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to predict how a target might react or whether innocent civilians are present.

Qurayshi stepped up as leader of ISIS after the 2019 death of its founder, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He also died after setting off explosives during a US raid.

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