American Lives in Danger? – Biden Administration Silent

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American Lives in Danger? – Biden Administration Silent

Sonya Labosco of the Air Marshal National Council has pushed the Biden administration to consider that air travel is becoming increasingly less safe, due to a policy that diverts air marshals to the U.S. southern border this holiday season.

Sonya Labosco joined “Fox & Friends First” to press the Biden administration to stop sending air marshals to the border and instead allow them to resume their patrolling of commercial flights. As she noted, air marshals are now in “less than 1% of flights,” these patrolling duties are essential for stopping another 9/11 from occurring.

Labosco also added that Americans who widely believe they are safe because of air marshals being present will no longer be saved. She noted that while she understands and empathizes with the situation at the border, they are currently being blocked from the work that they had been trained to do, which is to protect their “aviation domain.”

Labosco continued to say that the Biden administration had not yet responded to her concerns regarding the safety risks of moving air marshals to the southern border, despite having written the President a letter detailing both a level four and level three incident which had taken place.

A level four incident would mean that someone tried to breach the cockpit, while a level three incident meant that there was a life-threatening incident on an aircraft. In this case, an individual used a straight razor which they held to another passenger’s throat.

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