American Military Veterans Captured by Russians

American Military Veterans Captured by Russians

US Citizens CAPTURED By Russia – Details Pouring In!

( –  Several Americans have joined the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine in response to Russia’s February invasion of its neighboring country. On June 17, Russian television showed a video of two American veterans taken into custody by Russian troops. The men had reportedly been missing since the week of June 6.

The US Department of State said it was monitoring the situation. However, the US has not publicly acknowledged the capture of the veterans.

Russian news outlet RT recently published excerpts from an interview with the two men, Andy Huynh and Alexander Druek. The two men said they surrendered to Russian troops shortly after their Ukrainian commander abandoned them.

The men said Ukrainian troops were “ill-prepared” for battle and the “commanders were very corrupt.” They also advised fellow Americans considering joining the legion to reconsider that decision.

On June 20, Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, identified the men as soldiers of fortune, claiming neither were part of the Ukrainian armed forces. That distinction could prove significant since the Geneva Convention only protects official service members, not paid mercenaries.

President Joe Biden told reporters he had watched the video but had no further information on their whereabouts. He also backed up State Department recommendations for Americans not to travel to the region.

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