Americans Lose Faith in America Thanks to Biden

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According to a new Pew poll, around 47 of respondents think that America’s global influence is declining, whereas 19 percent said that it is waxing. The remaining responders said that they did not believe there was any change in the influence the country had globally. The thinktank released a report last week based on their findings.

According to the survey they conducted, most supporters of President Biden widely supported the perspective that the replacement of Trump with Biden would be enough to restore the country’s global influence and reputation.

Former President Trump had received low marks repetitively in the way that he handled international relations matters during his time in office.

However, the new survey did not ask about Biden’s administration’s performance, despite this, it found that Americans don’t feel confident about the country’s image on the international stage. Responses also vary along party lines.

The survey also showed that 58 percent of Americans who are not supportive of Biden or his party think that the nation’s influence is weakening. In contrast, only 37 percent of pro-Biden Democrats think that the party is weakening.

Pew also surveyed citizens from 18 other countries and found that Americans are some of the most dispirited people, widely considering that their country is declining in global power. This was not a sentiment shared by respondents in other countries.

The report notes that “in almost every country surveyed, those who do not support the political party in power are more likely than supporters to believe that their country’s influence in the world is getting weaker.”

It also appears that the fear of declining global influence is more prevalent among the citizens of other global powers.

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