America’s Children Becoming Less Educated?

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( – Learning loss during the pandemic has had an effect on the basic skills that children learn, including using scissors. With developmental skills being lost the summer months have been viewed as an opportunity to bridge that gap. 

The Education Week State of Teaching survey from this week found that the majority of pre-K to third-grade teachers have claimed that when compared to five years ago their students were facing a lot more difficulties with getting along, listening, and even using pencils. Experts have argued that parents should use the summer period to be more hands-on with their children in order to prepare them with the necessary skills so they can handle interactions successfully. 

KinderCare curriculum development and education programs supervisor Khy Sline claimed that this was not surprising at all and it was something all of them anticipated with the pandemic where children were on lockdown. Sline added that during that time children who were mainly at home did not have the same exposure to others. 

According to the survey’s result, 94 percent of teachers of young children have argued that their students have a more challenging time when it comes to following instructions or listening. Furthermore, 85 percent have claimed that the children in their classrooms are having a hard time cooperating and sharing with other students. 

Apart from their social skills, 77 percent of educators pointed out that young students were also having issues with their fine motor skills, including handling scissors, pens, and pencils. Sixty-nine percent also noted that there was a higher rate of students struggling with tying their shoes than five years earlier. 

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