Amy Coney Barrett Says She Will Decide Rules Based On Law, Not Politics

Amy Coney Barrett Says She Will Decide Rules Based On Law, Not Politics

( – Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett faced a grueling line of questioning during her confirmation process over personal religious beliefs. Democrats seemed intent on painting a qualified professional jurist as some kind of cultist zealot seeking to turn the United States into the next incarnation of the Handmaid’s Tale. However, in an open discussion with Fox News at the Reagan Presidential Library recently, Justice Coney Barrett dispelled those attacks on her character.

A typical practicing Christian with strong ties to her faith, the newest appointee to the court told the crowd that personal beliefs aren’t at play on the bench. Regardless of what a person practices at home, the US Constitution established the Supreme Court to rule on matters of equity and law, not matters of religion or politics.

After a brief interruption from unruly hecklers, Justice Coney Barrett further solidified her non-partisan position by challenging the American people to judge all federal benches by their decisions and what they serve. Decisions that uphold political interests rather than the Constitution should be scrutinized, regardless of which party they serve. Will President Joe Biden’s recently confirmed pick be as open to setting her politics aside?

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