Angry Mob Attacks Young Girls, Terrorizes Towns in “Day of War”

Angry Mob Attacks Young Girls, Terrorizes Towns in

Mob Of 2000 Predators TARGET Little Girls

( – Coastal towns along Lake Garda in northern Italy fell victim to mobs of angry young men in what one official called “a day of war,” on June 2. An estimated 2,000 rioters swarmed the towns of Peschiera and Castelnuovo, assaulting young girls and wreaking havoc. The mob shattered shop windows and attacked police.

Two separate Italian news outlets, Corriere Della Sera and Il Giornale, reported the bulk of the attackers were North African. While it didn’t seem to be an organized protest for any given cause, various African flags flew over the mob, and at least one attacker shouted, “We came to reconquer Peschiera. This is our territory; Africa must come here.”

The incident appears to have started after a person stole an unidentified item, kicking off a melee of stick and knife-fighting in the streets. That incident quickly devolved into windows being smashed and an all-out riot. Initially, about 600 men were involved, thought to be between 16 and 20-years-old, with some as young as 12 joining them. The trouble increased nearly three-fold when a train arrived from Milan carrying another 1,500 people.

Peschiera Mayor Orietta Gaiulli said that the people who came to his town were either first or second-generation immigrants whose actions left a deep and hurtful wound in the core of his beloved town.

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