Another Extinction Declared as Chinese Paddlefish Dies Out

Another Extinction Declared as Chinese Paddlefish Dies Out

Popular Animal Declared EXTINCT – It’s Gone

( – In 2020, National Geographic published a report indicating that the Chinese Paddlefish, an astonishing creature that grew to lengths of 23 feet and survived 200 million years of an ever-changing planet, was gone. Researchers lamented the loss of the fish, which they deemed forever irrecoverable. Two years later, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) confirmed the finding after an extensive investigation and analysis.

Paddlefish and sturgeon are both in short supply. There are 26 species of fish left in the order of Acipenseriformes. All of them face extinction. Two-thirds are critically endangered, meaning they could go the way of the now-gone paddlefish at any time. These creatures are freshwater dwellers that do well in mountainous terrain, making areas of both China and North America prime locations for habitation.

Unfortunately, because humans have done so much damage to rivers with pollution and changed their natural flows with dams, the future of the species is bleak. Creatures that swam beside dinosaurs went from masters of their domain to another commodity for people. Commercial fishing in China netted 25 tons of the now-extinct fish at one point. Now, conservationists would like to preserve what is left of the fish’s remaining relatives.

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