Another Food Shortage Is Reportedly Coming, Senator Reports

Another Food Shortage Is Reportedly Coming, Senator Reports

Projected Food DISASTER May Rock Americans

( – Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) recently posted a tweet warning that some Wyoming crops aren’t “worth harvesting” due to the high cost of diesel fuel. She also predicted the situation will lead to food shortages, which would only build upon existing issues in not just America, but also worldwide.

Unfortunately, Sen. Lummis isn’t the only one predicting problems. For example, the noted conservative commentator Mike Cernovich recently posted a warning that food shortages “will hit” the United States in 2023.

ClearValue Tax analyst Brian Kim has a similar yet bleaker outlook, stating he believes that food shortages will begin as early as September 2022. He attributes the pending problem to various factors, including supply-side issues related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and logistical issues at home.

Likewise, National Black Farmers Association President John Boyd Jr appeared on Fox & Friends First on July 20 with a warning for the White House, where he explained the rising costs for fuel and fertilizer are ruining the farming industry and priming the country for shortages in the future. He noted when the upfront costs are as high as they are right now, the effects inevitably take a toll on farmers eventually, as they can’t afford to keep producing.

Boyd predicted that grocery shelves could soon be empty because there won’t be enough producers left to feed Americans unless President Joe Biden and lawmakers take swift action. He also said the president isn’t doing anything to help right now.

What are your thoughts? Do you think future food shortages will occur? Can anything be done to help combat this predicament?

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