Another Kamala Harris Staffer Bites the Dust

Another Kamala Harris Staffer Bites the Dust

( – Vice President Kamala Harris has had a tough time keeping people on her staff. Another high-profile departure by Sabrina Singh marks the ninth person to exit her team since June 2021. The vice president’s issues with maintaining a fully staffed office speak to her inability to lead. Some people question whether she could manage the presidency if the situation presented itself.

A Revolving Door

As the vice president says goodbye to her deputy press secretary, she’s left with only one original member of her four-person senior press team. Singh is staying within the Biden administration, taking a position at the Department of Defense. Still, this isn’t a good look for Harris, who can’t seem to find harmony within her office.

Kate Childs Graham, the vice president’s chief speechwriter, resigned in February, and Ashley Etienne, communications director, left in November. Symone Sanders, chief spokesperson and senior adviser, left at the end of 2021. Harris also lost Vincent Evans that year as he moved to become the executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Every time someone leaves, the Harris team makes excuses and puts a happy spin on the situation. But it is difficult to believe they all left because a better position was in their future, and according to rumors, that was far from the truth.

Accusations and Defenses

Insiders say Harris’ office is unstable. They complain about morale, and one former staffer called the vice president a bully. In a piece for the San Francisco Examiner, Gil Duran, a former Harris aide, described her leadership style as destructive.

The Washington Post reported that former employees said she would get upset and blame them for her lack of preparation. They claim the vice president also needed a lot of reassurance and could be demeaning.

Supporters of Harris defend her by accusing anyone speaking negatively of being racist or sexist. They say her historic appointment as the first black, first female, and first Asian American to hold the vice presidency makes her a target, and her strength and ambition only add fuel to the fire of hate.

One former staffer, Sean Clegg, said Harris is a tough boss, but she’s never been mean. He said people take things too personally, which is likely why there is so much criticism of her.

Holding On to Staff

Constant staff changes are nothing new for Harris. Keeping employees onboard has been a struggle throughout her 18 years in public office. Rumors about her inability to manage and how she creates a toxic work environment that people can’t wait to leave plague the vice president.

Problems in her office reflect on her as a leader. Is it possible to trust she can run the country if she struggles to keep her own staff properly managed, organized, and happy, or should the people be more concerned?

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