Another State Sends Troops to the Border

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( – Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp told Fox News that he was pledging to deploy a dozen guardsmen to Texas to assist with the situation at the border, as President Joe Biden continues to be inactive in dealing with the influx of illegal immigrants. 

Kemp however stated that before deployment, Gov. Greg Abbot (R-TX.) would need to send a formal request to the Homeland Security Agency and the Georgia Emergency Management. Kemp argued that while his state was 1,000 miles from Mexico, under President Biden’s leadership every state had been turned into a border state. 

On Tuesday, during his appearance on “Your World,” he argued that a Georgia guardsman would help assist the Texas National Guard’s efforts at the border. He added that while this is a national issue, they wanted to help but would not do so until they had received a formal request from Texas. He proceeded to say that while this should be an issue that Biden would fix he has not taken any action. 

Kemp, along with around a dozen other governors, had joined Abbott in a visit to Eagle Pass. He added that he has been to the border five times and that he could see the difference when the state and federal governments were cooperating and how it helped curb illegal immigration through the southern border. 

Kemp proceeded to say that Texas was not the only border state and that other border states had failed to take any action to reduce the influx of immigrants. Still, he also underlined that this is supposedly a federal issue despite the fact that Biden did not appear to take any responsibility. 

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