Anti-Aging Drug for Dogs Gets Developed

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( – Loyal, a San Franscisco-based company, has received conditional approval from the Food and Drug Administration for their new drug called LOY-001. This drug could possibly help extend the lifespan of large- and giant-breed dogs.

The drug which could hit the market as early as 2026 is specifically focused on addressing the shorter lifespans of certain breeds. The FDA still needs to approve Loyal’s manufacturing and safety data before the drug can hit the market.

Loyal CEO Celine Halioua has stated that the company was aiming to create the first drug that would help extend the lifespan of dogs. She added that their team had been carefully working on this for years and that they were diligently trying to have all of their programs go through FDA approval.

The lifespan of certain large dog breeds tends to be significantly shorter than the lifespan of smaller dogs, with Great Danes living on average seven to eight years while Chihuahuas have an average life span of 20 years. One of the key reasons for this discrepancy is the high levels of growth hormones found in these larger breeds. This is why LOY-001 is targeting the reduction of the IDF-1 growth harmony that is usually found in dogs.

The drug will be available to veterinarians who will get to administer it every three to six months. Only dogs that are over the age of seven and weigh over 40 pounds will be allowed to be administered the shots. For final approval by the FDA, Loyal will be required to complete several studies.

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