Antony Blinken Headed Out of Country to Asia

Antony Blinken Headed Out of Country to Asia

( – The global community is currently under stress due to Russia and China. Both countries have been making aggressive military moves that have nations nervous about the potential of war. The US recently worked overtime to keep its international relations intact as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken headed off to meetings with foreign leaders.

On February 8, Blinken began a trip to the Asian-Pacific to cement relationships with allies in the region against China’s expansion. Shortly after US meetings with high EU officials about the Russia/Ukraine tensions, he departed.

While away, the secretary stopped in Melbourne to meet with foreign ministers from Japan, India, and Australia. He also spoke with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the AUKUS defense pact. After departing the area, he made one final stopover in Fiji to talk to island officials, who said China was trying to convince them to join its forces.

The meetings collectively focused on partnerships and the economic and security benefits of the Indo-Pacific region joining with the US. However, Blinkin also planned to discuss defensive measures and the pushback against China’s rapid global expansion. The meetings with India, Japan, and Australia will set the stage for further quadrilateral security dialogue meetings at a summit scheduled to occur mid-year in Japan.

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