AOC Attacked for Destroying Her Own District

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( – A district in northwestern Queens has been labeled as resembling a “Third World country” rather than an American neighborhood that is flourishing. The neighborhoods of Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, and Corona which are in the district of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) have recently been known for having streets flooded with migrants trying to sell items and food, and prostitutes loitering the streets as they try to find clients, including teens. 

The community used to be vibrant but over the last few years it has deteriorated tremendously, turning into a large flea market, filled with trash, and unhygienic conditions. The main strip of the neighborhood which spans along Roosevelt Avenue has become known as the “market of sweethearts” as people looking for sex workers can easily find them in the area. 

Fox News Digital shared exclusive photos from the area where sex workers could be seen standing outside storefronts and trying to find clients. The locals have stated that the prostitutes had been taking their clients into makeshift brothels during all hours. These operations were underway while families with children in strollers walked through the area. 

Resident Ramses Frías shared with Fox News Digital a video showcasing what the neighborhood looked like for passersby. In the video he shows a large number of vendors, selling everything from clothes and shoes to toys, pots, pans, and even photo frames. 

In New York, selling food or goods in public spaces normally requires the vendors to hold a special license. 

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