Armed Taliban Gunmen Break Up Women’s Rights Protest

Armed Taliban Gunmen Break Up Women's Rights Protest

WATCH: Armed Gunmen OPEN FIRE on Protestors – People Flee!

( – The Taliban recently showed residents in Kabul, Afghanistan, exactly how much tolerance they have for females standing up for themselves. When women took to the streets to protest the harsh conditions imposed on the country under the sect’s authoritarian rule, gunmen fired automatic weapons into the air. The crowd dispersed, and the day’s events ended. Additionally, authorities arrested several participants and beat and detained journalists covering the march.

The news outlet TOLO reported that women were chanting for basic human rights. They shouted “bread, work, and freedom” before the bullets flew. As the crowd fled, one woman screamed, “They shoot us!” in a moment that personifies the ongoing struggles in Afghanistan. The event coincided with the one-year anniversary of the day the Taliban claimed the country as its own.

According to UN Women, the struggle hasn’t stopped or slowed down since the United State’s botched withdrawal under the leadership of President Joe Biden.

A society that once flourished with its female members for two decades while the US held the cities now sees them in full cover, faces and all, without the necessities of work or school past sixth grade. Women have been recalled from the public eye, with authorities going so far as to simply tell them not to leave their homes unless it’s an emergency.

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