Army Veteran Stops Crime in Broad Daylight

Photo by Brandon Day on Unsplash

( – In Florida, the police were attempting to catch a career criminal who had tried to carjack a pregnant woman. Law enforcement had identified the criminal as Michael Prouty who had previously been wanted for stealing a car that he had stolen from a home he had broken into.

In order to catch the criminal, the police received the unexpected help of army veteran Shane Spicer. According to the dashcam footage, Spicer had gotten out of the passenger seat of the car that was behind the pregnant woman’s vehicle and had entered her car through the passenger seat in an attempt to stop Prouty.

Spicer recounted the incident and how he had seen Prouty pulling the woman out of her car and had decided to jump in and help. The Bodycam video footage caught the moment when Spicer caught Prouty and held him in place as the police officers came closer to the scene.

According to the reports, Prouty has a total of 13 felony convictions that go back to 2000. Spicer shared that as the entire incident was going down, his girlfriend and daughter had remained in the car as he sprung into action.

Spicer shared with FOX 35 Orlando that after the entire ordeal, he was only a little bit out of breath. He added that he feels that whenever someone has the ability to help out they should do it, and that he was hoping that if it was ever needed someone would do the same for his own family.

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