Artist Unveils Unbelievable Three-Year Project

Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash

Artist Unveils Unbelievable Three-Year Project

A U.K. artist known as Mr. Doodle, or Sam Cox, has spent the past three years covering every inch of his home with doodles. This one-of-a-kind art piece is one he has shared with his wife Alena. Alena is also an artist and will often color in Cox’s doodles.

During a BBC interview with BBC Breakfast’s Tim Muffett, Cox noted that his videos of showing his home have been viewed millions of times. The home that originally had bare walls was purchased around 3 years ago for $1.5 million. For the house to be completely painted white, he had to use around 238 gallons of white paint. In order to paint the outside, he used 401 cans of black spray paint. The inside was completed with the use of 286 bottles of black drawing paint. He also had to go through 2,296 pen nibs to finish his doodles.

Cox, who gave Muffett a tour of his property, said that they originally started from the Bedroom and then went through the entire house. When Muffet asked how it felt to wake up and see all of the white and black every day, Cox said that it was like “paradise” to him.

Cox described drawing as an out-of-body experience where he can just free-flow his creations.

When Muffett asked if Cox’s wife knew about the house and all the paintings on the appliances, Cox admitted that he is not entirely sure if the appliances completely work and he doesn’t know if his wife is completely aware of that fact yet.

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