At Least 181 K-12 Educators Have Been Outed as Predators Since January

Over 181 K-12 Educators Have Been Outed as Predators Since January

Child Predator BOMBSHELL – Schools Around the Nation Involved!

( –  Fox News Digital recently analyzed local news stories detailing the arrest of educators on charges related to sex crimes. The network noted the study only included publicized incidents, so the actual figures would likely be higher. The study covered the first six months of 2022 and showed that at least 181 teachers, principals, substitutes, and teacher aides had been outed as sexual predators.

The arrests included crimes involving sexual assault, child pornography, and adults entering into relationships with minors.

  • Indiana prosecutors charged former biology teacher John Doty for allegedly repeatedly raping a 16-year-old student and threatening to murder her.
  • Authorities arrested Roger Weaver, former Pennsylvania high school principal, on charges related to accusations that he had carried on a sexual relationship with a male student for several years.
  • Vermont teacher Normal Merrill faces charges related to taking secret recordings of female students and producing child pornography.

US Department of Education Weighs In

The United States Department of Education recently published an in-depth study detailing current state policies prohibiting the “aiding and abetting [of] sexual misconduct” in public schools.

The study discussed problems within school districts that allow teachers and other staff members to quietly resign instead of terminating them for sexual misconduct. It also found that this approach paved the way for predators to find employment at new schools where they could begin their crimes against pupils anew.

What do you think about these two studies? Should officials do more to protect students and prosecute offenders?

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