At Least 42 People Injured After Violent Monkey Attacks Break Out

42 People Injured After Violent Monkey Attacks Break Out

At Least 42 People Injured In Wild Animal RAMPAGE!

( – Japanese authorities are concerned about a string of bizarre attacks attributed to a common primate. The macaque, or snow monkey, has recently been responsible for injuries to at least 42 people. The animal is a regular in the country’s landscape, but attacks, especially so many in such a short period of time, are unusual.

The macaque was once a vulnerable species but has flourished in recent years, building successful habitats for themselves on conservation lands on three out of four of Japan’s islands. However, the attacks are localized to Yamaguchi City. An unnamed official told the BBC that the monkeys targeted women and children first, then moved on to the elderly and adult men.

Injuries included mostly minor bites and scratches, but some are more serious, with some individuals sustaining leg, head, and stomach wounds. Those working to contain the issue aren’t sure if it’s a single animal or a group. Attempts to trap unruly macaques have been unsuccessful, so far.

Possibly the most disturbing part of the BBC report was a quote from an unnamed Japanese news source about a man who rescued his toddler from underneath an angry monkey that broke into their home. Another of the pests busted into a kindergarten classroom.

Hopefully, they can contain the problem for the good of both people and the animal, most of which seem to want to be left alone. Prior incidents of monkey attacks have shown just how dangerous the animals can become in public settings, and often result in euthanasia being used to put the animals down as well.

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