Attacker Gets Just 60 Days After Abusing 13-Year-Old

Attacker Gets Just 60 Days After Abusing 13 Year Old

13-Year-Old Child ABUSED – Attacker Gets Just 60 Days

( – Sexual offenders, especially those with victims who are minors, typically receive harsh sentences and spend years behind bars. That’s why the news of a Texas court giving a convicted pedophile only 60 days in prison was shocking. The light sentence hardly appeared to reflect the crime of a teacher abusing a 13-year-old student for years, and yet the judge felt justified in the decision.

Background of the Case

In 2018, Marka Bodine was working as a teacher at an intermediate school in Tomball, Texas, when she connected with her young victim. She used the video game “Fortnite” to gain his trust and listened to him talk about his feelings to make him more comfortable around her. As part of her ploy, Bodine let him unload about his parent’s divorce and home life, causing the youth to feel a closeness to the woman that he said he had never experienced before.

For three years, Bodine continued to abuse the child. They had a physical relationship, but she also sent him explicit text messages and pictures. At one point, the teacher even moved into the teen’s apartment complex.

Bodine brought about her own downfall when she complained that the student was harassing her. The boy had already told the police about the situation prior to Bodine’s accusation, which eventually led to her arrest in April 2021.

The Victim’s Side

The unnamed victim said he felt ruined by what Bodine did to him. Now 16 years old, the boy explained that when his abuse ended, he considered taking his own life. As a result, he began going to doctors for mental health treatment, stating that he felt lost in life as a result of the lost “connection” he had with his teacher. It took the child time to realize that what had happened to him was wrong.

The Court’s Decision

Prosecutors requested the court give the teacher 20 to 40 years for her crime, but on August 3, Harris County Judge George Glass sentenced Bodine to just 60 days in prison with 10 years of probation. The punishment also included lifetime registration as a sex offender and mandatory treatment.

The former teacher will not immediately go to jail as the judge agreed to delay her sentence.

The District Attorney’s Office was not pleased with the result of the case. Christopher Downey, a criminal defense attorney, told ABC 13 that the light sentence may relate to information provided to the court by defense attorneys regarding their client’s psychological profile.

Downey also related that the respective genders of the perpetrator and victim may have played a role in the court’s decision.

Do you think 60 days and supervised release sends the wrong message to the public regarding the abuse of a minor?

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